Marketing your event app on a budget

Calendar March 18, 2016

When budgeting for an event or conference, which items take priority? The venue, event signage,..

The Guide to Selecting a Mobile Event App Vendor

Calendar January 12, 2016

In an age where mobile devices are practically glued to our hands, the question of whether to..

Introducing iOS 9-Compatible Event Apps

Calendar September 30, 2015

It’s safe to say that Apple is not a developer’s best friend. Their annual iOS updates often..

The Value of Social Features in an Event App

Calendar September 1, 2015

When event managers are ready to ditch their programs for a mobile app, they often may consider..

Tips for Boosting Your Event App Adoption Rate

Calendar April 29, 2015

With our increased reliance on mobile in everyday life, industries across the board are seeing..

Mobile Event App Provides Analytics Using iBeacon Technology

Calendar April 2, 2015

Eventpedia Partners with TurnoutNow to Provide Analytics Using Beacon Technology in Mobile Event..

Top 5 Reason Why Event Managers Should Have a Mobile Event App

Calendar March 13, 2015
Here at Eventpedia, we believe you should go mobile because EVERYONE’S DOING IT! That aside,..

A Look Back at AUDC 2015: The Eventpedia Experience

Calendar March 11, 2015

We have to hand it to Abila – they hosted quite the memorable conference this year at AUDC 2015...


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