Receive a text message with download link
Text “Eventpedia” to 99000

Receive a text message with download link

If you choose to not download straight from your respective store, you can Text “Eventpedia” to 99000 to get the download link. This is an option you can give your event attendees as well.


Scan QR Code

To test the functionality, you can scan the QR Code to the right. Keep in mind that we provide the QR Code apart of the marketing package for you. Just another way  your attendees can download your app

Promote on Social Media

Social Media

We send you graphics to help show off your new event app so attendees know about it on social media outlets or through email.We will provide you with links to each store along with Apple Store or Google Play badges.
If you happen to visit our Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, or Twitter pages you will see that we provide a link to our sample app.

Search “Eventpedia” in the app store

Manual Search

Search for “Eventpedia” in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Keep in mind, during the app creation process you will get to choose what you want to call your app.