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  • Multi-events
  • Accessibility
  • Calendars
  • Documents
  • Agenda
  • Profiles
  • Session/Tracks
  • Live Polling / Surveys
  • Maps
  • Sponsors
  • Photos
  • Social Networks
  • Multi-events in one app

    House multiple branded events within one app. Require only one app download for attendees to access a whole archive of your organization’s events at the palm of their hands.

  • Accessible offline

    Spotty WiFi or limited connectivity? Attendees are guaranteed access to event content with or without internet connection.

  • Create your personal calendar

    Manage and plan your busy schedule by adding your favorite activities to your own personal calendar. Add items to your phone calendar for personal reminders.

  • Add documents in the app

    Eliminate paper waste all together by adding important documents to the Document Center, or attaching documents to sessions, speakers, exhibitors, or sponsors. Email or text the documents to yourself or others.

  • Access the event agenda

    Eliminate the need for event programs by providing attendees with a detailed schedule of events. Easily update the agenda to ensure attendees stay up-to-date.

  • Unlimited Profiles

    Provide attendees with all of the information they could possibly desire – including sessions, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, and more. For easy navigation, the modules all link to one another within the app.

  • Display session tracks

    Organize session tracks by allowing attendees to follow a color-coded system within the app.

  • Polling and Surveys

    Encourage attendee engagement and generate feedback by linking surveys and polls within the app. Get live instant results with polls, or detailed reports with surveys.

  • Attendee photo-sharing

    Attendees can showcase their experience during the event by uploading photos within the app. Follow other attendees and “like” or comment on their photos to increase attendee interaction.


Discover how simple it is to administer the event app through the Mobile Content Manager.

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  • Real-time updates
  • Custom app branding
  • Reach a large audience
  • Generate analytic reports
  • Simple data upload
  • Grant admin access
  • Real-time updates

    Last minute schedule and content changes are bound to happen. Easily update content through the robust back end system and changes will automatically reflect in the app.

  • Custom app branding

    Brand your app, your way, with the freedom to select color themes and icon sets. The branding capabilities are endless, especially with the all new Theme Manager.

  • Reach a large audience

    Keep attendees informed, engaged, and up-to-date with the latest schedule and content changes. Push notifications can be sent, and even pre-scheduled, through the back end.

  • Generate analytic reports

    Understand the impact of your event with detailed analytic reports. Identify where you succeeded and where there’s room for improvement, then build an effective mobile marketing strategy for your next event.

  • Simple data upload

    Easily upload content through a simple Excel file. Data upload is hassle-free, and changes are easy to make.

  • Grant admin access

    Save yourself time and give speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors access to create and manage their own app profiles.