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Agios Testimonial | Eventpedia

The app was a tremendous success and received raving reviews. Eventpedia met and exceeded all our expectations.

"Other companies would try to fit our event and associated needs within the limitations of their tools, while Eventpedia strove to fit their tool to our event. TJ, Bryan, and the development team formulated a product that addressed 100% of our needs, and at a price that worked well for both parties; the negotiation process was highly professional, and again, clearly customer-focused. In the weeks leading up to our conference, TJ’s team even worked tirelessly to add an additional capability which had not existed in previous iterations of the app. Eventpedia made it clear throughout the process that they were committed to creating a dependable app that would work fast, appeal to a wide range of users, and ultimately serve as the focal point for the day’s operations and logistics. Among several other factors, clear and constant communication, prowess in development, and unmatched customer service make Eventpedia an easy choice."


American Baseball Coaches Association Testimonial | Eventpedia

This company is great to work with and very affordable. We have used for 3 years.

"We had a convention app for the first time in 2016 with Eventpedia. The 2016 ABCA Convention also happened to be our largest in over 70 years of the association. Our staff was busy preparing for the convention, but the process for creating the app and getting all of our data inputted was simple. The end product came out great. When we began promoting the app, the response from our attendees was tremendous. We thought they would enjoy having an event app, but honestly we didn't predict how much they would like it or how much positive feedback we would get. Needless to say, this will be a permanent part of our annual event."


American Cheese Society Testimonial | Eventpedia

Eventpedia has been a great fit for our organization.

"The mobile app we use via Eventpedia is very user-friendly, flexible, and straightforward for our team to administer and manage, even in the midst of our busy event. Our members report favorably on the app each year, and we appreciate that it makes their experience at our event smoother and more engaging. The customer service team is phenomenal and supports us no matter the request we may have -- they have worked late hours and with very quick turnaround to ensure our attendees have a positive experience, and that our app works seamlessly. They are excited about improving upon the app each year, and they are always looking to make positive changes, so the app can do more to support our needs."


California Teacher's Assocation Testimonial | Eventpedia

The app has been a great addition to CTA Conferences.

"We’ve been able to work with the Eventpedia staff to easily and quickly publish the app for all our statewide and regional conferences.  We’ve found the technology to be first rate and the customer service to be excellent.  Our attendees appreciate having an option to the printed programs and we’ve benefited by not printing as much and reduced our costs in several other areas as a result of the app."


Golf Course Superintendents Association of America Testimonial | Eventpedia

As the number of our members using smartphones and tablets increase, we understand the need to mobilize many of our traditional web site member services. Eventpedia has been a great partner to execute our association’s mobile app road map and strategy.

"Our partnership with Eventpedia has allowed us to implement an agile approach to providing mobile functionality as it relates to member information, events, and native integration to NetFORUM, while giving us the flexibility to change directions when given new challenges by our membership and organization. Eventpedia has given GCSAA an event app that provides our attendees a comprehensive experience of our national golf tournament, educational conference, and trade show. In the past we have used many event apps, however Eventpedia provided the flexibility and NetFORUM integration that we needed in order to save our staff time and be efficient. Memberpedia provides a GCSAA members an experience tailored towards their needs such as NetFORUM integrated functions: member directory, member profile, job board, and notification system."


Green Fern Events Testimonial | Eventpedia

The detailed and timely customer service that TJ and his team provided to ensure we were ready to execute a flawless event made the app worth every penny.

"The app our team at Green Fern Events developed with Eventpedia was part of our green initiatives for the United States Composting Council's 25th anniversary. The app was critical in providing a paperless program as well as giving attendees important push notifications throughout the event. We utilized the app as a tool to connect exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees under one roof."


NACHA The Electronic Payments Association Testimonial | Eventpedia

Eventpedia comes out with updates every quarter based on feedback and their product is continuously evolving in the best ways.

"Managing content from the MCM couldn't be any easier and if I do happen to have any questions or notice something isn't appearing correctly on the app, TJ and his team promptly look into the cause. It's also really great to see a CEO take such time and care to work directly with his company's clients."


Seattle Study Club Testimonial | Eventpedia

The result was a stellar app that was aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and received numerous compliments from our attendees on what a fantastic app it was and how much it enhanced their event experience.

"Eventpedia was a refreshing change from the previous event app company that we had spent months with building our app with but had no choice but to ditch it in the 11th hour due to several functionality issues. We called TJ on New Year's Eve desperate to find an app that would work for our fast approaching event. He was quick to respond and gave us a demo that clearly solidified how superior their app was compared to the competition. Once we committed to using their app, we remained cautiously optimistic that they could get our app published in time for our event. Not only did we they get the app published quicker than expected but their constant support throughout the entire process from start to finish made the process painless!"


Team Expansion Testimonial | Eventpedia

The price was affordable and the technology was incredible.

"Eventpedia made it very interesting and very easy for those of us who were leading the conference to be able to upload notifications, announcements, and improvements to the schedule all throughout the event. Thanks to Eventpedia for a great job on a great app!"

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