Why Eventpedia Go!

Simply put - Eventpedia is a speedy and affordable version of mobile event app. You can have an event app as soon as 30 minutes!
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No More Waiting on App Approval

The app approval process usually takes up to 10 days for Apple and Google.  If your event is coming up, no worries, we got you covered! Eventpedia Go! is already available on the App Store and Google Play. Simply input content and graphics, and boom, your event app is ready to go!
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No Graphic Creation Is Required

All the creative assets including App Icon, App Splash Page, and more are already created which significantly minimize the amount of artwork for you. You no longer need to pay for graphic designs.
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Publish An Event As Soon As 30 Minutes

Once your event content is imported into the content management system, all you need to do is "publish" your event and your event will appear in the Eventpedia Go! app immediately.  Time to annouce the app with your attendees.
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Available On Major Platforms

Eventpedia Go! is available on native iOS and Android platforms. For attendees who don't have Apple and Android devices, they can access your event via a web app.