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What is the difference between a container and a branded app?

Our container app is already available for download in the Apple App store and on Google Play. You will get all the same branding capabilities in your event as the branded app, except you won't have your own app icon image. A branded app allows your organization to have maximum branding exposure and capabilities. Attendees will be able to search for your own app name in the store (instead of within the Eventpedia app).

What branding capabilities do your apps have?

You have the flexibility to choose your color schemes, event images/launch screen, landing page style (icon or tile), icon shapes, and your app icon graphic (branded apps only).

How is Eventpedia different from other vendors?

We have a long history working with associations and member-based organizations which has given us an insight to what problems you're trying to solve and the right solutions for them. Read more about what makes us different here.

Do you offer support for app setup?

A dedicated account manager will work by your side to ensure that you have everything ready for your data/graphic uploads, event features, and app submission (branded apps only). You will have the option to schedule two meetings to go over our back-end system (MCM) and ask any questions you may have regarding the app. We have a full resource center will documents and videos to guide you through the process, as well as offering a variety of services to assist with you. Read more about our services here.

Business Hours:

  • 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern U.S. Time, Monday through Friday (excluding Federal holidays).

After Hours and Weekends:

  • Eventpedia does not currently offer regular support after hours or on weekends. However, feel free to contact info@eventpedia at anytime and a team member will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What is MCM?

MCM stands for Mobile Content Manager, our back-end portal that gives you the power to build your app exactly the way you'd like it. This includes data upload/integration, branding and design, push notifications, analytics and more! MCM can be accessed on your desktop and tablet devices (mobile app version coming soon). Schedule a demo today to have one of our team members show you how MCM works.

What are the benefits of having a mobile app?

  • Lowers printing costs/eliminate paper waste

  • Increase network opportunities through business matchmaking, chat messages, appointment scheduling, and more!

  • Encourage interaction from attendees through an in-app event feed, gamification, and targeted push notifications.

  • Generate additional revenue from sponsors and exhibitors with our monetization packages. Read more about monetization under the Add-On features on our Mobile Event Apps page.

Which platforms can your apps be downloaded on?

​All apps are available for download on Apple and Android devices, as well as HTML 5 web apps.

How do I test the Eventpedia app?

Download our test event in the container app! Search for "Eventpedia" in the Apple app store or on Google Play to download our container app and get familiar with all the event app features in the "Social Media Summit" demo event.

How do I send push notifications?

​From MCM, our back-end system, admin can schedule or send notifications in real-time to all attendees or specific groups via the app. Notifications are HTML-enabled (like our app pages), so you're able to add images, GIFs, change colors, etc. to send the exact messages you want. Our newest feature allows you to send deep-link push notifications that can direct an attendee to a page within the app, such as their schedule or a specific sponsor profile page.

What is an HTML-enabled app page?

​This means that you have the ability to add different fonts, colors, graphics, hyperlinks, GIFs, and other HTML content to your app pages.

What privacy settings do you have in the app?

All app users have control over which information they want visible on their profile in the app. Admin can also configure what information is displayed before importing attendee data via excel or integration in the MCM back-end system.

Are Eventpedia and Memberpedia offered in different languages?

​You can enter and change whichever data to meet your needs in our Mobile Content Manager. This means whichever language you wish to use will be reflected in your app, allowing you to plan events all over the world!

Do your apps work offline?

Yes! All content that has been downloaded while online will be accessible to the app user whether their device is connected to the internet or not. Users will need to have connectivity for some of the interactive features, such as posting on the event feed, chat messaging, etc.

What if you don't have a feature that we need in our app?

​One of the services we offer is feature building. Reach out to an Eventpedia team member to discuss your specific requirements and timeline to see if we can accommodate your needs.

How long does it take to set up an event app?

If this is your first time using the Eventpedia Event App solution, it is recommended you allocate about 4-6 weeks for this project. If you are experienced with the event app setup process, then 2-4 weeks is suggested. Once completely familiar with MCM, it only take a matter of days to create your event app!

What takes up the most time when creating an event with Eventpedia?

Creating your graphics is very time consuming because you have to ensure that you have the correct dimensions for your mobile app. Make sure you get started on this ahead of time, especially if you have a branded app. If you don't have an in-house graphic designer, we offer a graphics service at a low cost to help you design what you need. Check out our services list for more offerings.

How do I import data into my app?

We offer three different ways to setup the data in your mobile app.

  • Excel Template: Populate our App Data excel sheet and upload through MCM.

  • AMS Integration: Use our 'Data Integrator' module in MCM to pull the specific items from your system into the app. See our 'Integrations' page to see if we integrate with your AMS. If you don't see yours, we also offer custom integrations for other third party vendors.

  • Data Push: Hook up your AMS/LMS/third party system to our mobile apps via API Push. This requires some technical skill on your end, but allows for real-time updates (when you make changes in your system, they'll automatically be reflected in your app, instead of scheduled updates). Contact us for more information.

How do I download my app?

If your event(s) are in the Eventpedia 'Container App':

  • Download 'Eventpedia' in the Apple app store or on Google Play.

  • Search for your event name in the 'Upcoming Events' Tab. 

  • Download your event (it will now appear in the 'My Events' Tab) and start using the app!

If your event(s) has an Eventpedia 'Branded App':

  • Search for you organization's app name in the Apple app store or on Google Play.

  • Upon app launch, all the events you have created will be displayed.

  • Download the events that are relevant to you in the 'Upcoming Events' Tab (they will appear in the 'My Events' Tab after download).

If you're using Memberpedia 'Member Engagement App':

  • Search for you organization's app name in the Apple app store or on Google Play.

  • Upon app launch, the home screen will launch will all the modules you've included.

*You have the option to protect your app/event/specific module via login credentials and access codes.

Can I customize what information I want my attendees/members to use for app login credentials?

Yes! You have many options when it comes to creating your app/event login information including the following credentials: (Require one, multiple or none)

  • Email

  • Password

  • Access Code

  • Single Sign-On (via third party system)

  • and More!

Do you offer custom modules and pages?

Yes! Our apps allow you to have custom modules. You can create these modules by connected a URL to a webpage, making a custom list or an entire app page to your liking (with our standard format).

Why should I have our social media in the mobile app?

Many organizations prefer to have their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram modules in their app because it keeps the social media conversation focused on content specific to the organization's event. Otherwise, attendees are inclined to use their social media apps and will likely become distracted by other content unrelated to the event/organization.