Lead Retrieval Badge Scanner App 


The fastest badge scanner app on the market.


Are your exhibitors still relying on collecting business cards from leads? Are you tired of handing out badge scanners ? Drop the antiquated way of doing business and empower your exhibitors to retrieve leads on their own smart devices.

Our lead retrieval app allows your exhibitors to gather qualified buyers' information quickly and efficiently. Your exhibitors will no longer fear to lose collected business cards nor have to deal with the hassle of device rental. Most importantly, all the leads can be accessed anytime!


Native App Experience

Available on the App Store and Google Play, exhibitors can download the app on their smart devices, and no more hardware rentals are required.


Work Offline

Leads can be scanned and saved on the local devices without any internet connection. The information will be synced to the cloud once a connection is established.


Configure Qualifiers

Exhibitors can tailor the list of product offerings and create follow-up actions to efficiently tie the proper action and prioritize whom to talk to first. 


Take Notes

Notes are vital for exhibitors to recall the conversation when ready to follow-up. Record text or audio notes for each entry.


Access Leads

The sales rep's name is tied to each record so exhibitors save time not sorting through other team members' leads .


Exhibitor Portal

Leads can be accessed on the device anytime. Exhibitors can also export the gathered list as a .CSV file through Exhibitor Portal for ease of importing to their CRM. 


Capture attendee's info by scanning the bar code or QR code on the badge.



  • Choose lead qualifier based on their interest level.
  • Quickly check follow-up action(s).
  • Associate the lead with the product/service he/she is interested in.
  • Jot down notes from conversations. Or record an audio memo to go with the profile.
  • Edit contact if more info is gathered.




  • Leads are stored on individual mobile devices.
  • Exhibition staff can see not only their own leads but also all leads from colleagues.
  • Once data is ready to be retrieved, leads can be exported directly through the mobile device and/or Exhibitior Portal as a CSV file which can easily be imported into their CRM.



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