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Mobile Event Apps

Our mobile app solution provides a home for all your events and creates education and networking opportunities for your attendees. Completely customize the features, colors and icon sets to showcase your association's branding and message.

Standard Features

Our growing list of features for your mobile event app allow you to

communicate efficiently, increase attendee satisfaction, and enhance your overall event!


Add-On Features

Want the best mobile app experience for your events?

These custom packages guarantee a perfect fit for your organization.

Audience Surveys, Polls and Ask a Question
Provide a channel for your attendees to express their thoughts increase participation during and post events.

Event Feed and Attendee Chat

Drive engagement and attendee interaction through posting photos and private messaging.

Icon Module and Rotating Banner Ads

Sell ad space to generate more revenue and give sponsors increased exposure.


Allow attendees to register for a specific session within the app. View list of who's registered and set registration limit.

Session registration

Establish connections at events through a scan feature. Track session attendance, lead retrieval for exhibitors, & for attendees to build their network.​

Scan module


Match attendee's with exhibitors, sessions, and other event goers based on interests to increase networking opportunities.


Send messages to targeted groups (ex: VIP members). It is also a good way to monetize your app as you can sell message(s) to sponsors.

Targeted notifications 


Make your app or individual events private via user logins, passwords, and access codes.


Import data directly from your AMS and registration systems to save your time for data management. Check out the Integrations tab for more details.

AMS integration

Mobile Content Manager

Seamlessly design and manage your mobile event app

with our powerful admin features.

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Northeast Gas Association Testimonial | Eventpedia

"It is very easy, and the Eventpedia team is great! Company branding, options for splash page, options for custom links. It is very simple to use and explain. It even can password protect 1 or more events. Very important feature!"

Eileen Sitte, Events Manager and Membership Relations

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