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[Press Release] Eventpedia To Launch Mobile App for Association Members

Branded Mobile App for Association Members to Increase Year-Round Engagement

McLean, Virginia – May 2, 2017

Eventpedia, an association-focused mobile app provider, launched its new mobile app product, Memberpedia, an association-centric mobile app designed to connect members with associations and other members on mobile devices to further increase year-round member engagement.

Mobile technology has changed our daily routines and how people receive information. Members spend most of their time on mobile devices and it’s time for associations to leverage this mobile demand and create a mobile experience for members. Memberpedia brings associations and their members closer to each other and enable association members to connect with others, access news feed, and receive association updates via push notifications anytime and anywhere. In addition, it helps members to build their professional networks and expand connections directly through the app.

“With the technology advancement, millennials have grown up with internet with personal devices. They are used to ubiquitous access to information on mobile platforms,” said TJ Sun, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eventpedia. “The younger generation is shaping technology now and the future. They are socially and globally connected through mobile devices. The demand for personalization and engagement are critical to association’s success in maintaining and growing membership. We are excited to launch Memberpedia, an association mobile app, which will help associations in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment.”  

Here are some Memberpedia features associations can leverage:

  • Brand the association app to strengthen the organization’s identity. For instance, an association can have its own app name, app logo, color theme, and styling.
  • Display association news and general announcements within the app.
  • Send push notifications to communicate with members for any major announcements.
  • Sell sponsorship opportunities within the app to help associations generate more revenue.
  • Host documents, blogs, and resources for members to access.
  • Post surveys for members to provide feedback.
  • Advertise upcoming events.

Members can use Memberpedia to:

  • Access member directory to establish their connections and expand professional networks.
  • Use private chat and activity board to connect and engage with other members.
  • Stay up-to-date with association news and announcements.
  • View and edit membership and contact information.

Memberpedia is available on both iOS and Android platforms and the native app will enhance the navigation experience while accessing information on the go.

“Our belief is that every association will have a mobile app that provides a platform for members to engage with the association and their peers.  Memberpedia is where the association membership starts,” said TJ Sun.

For more information about Memberpedia, please visit www.eventpedia.com/memberpedia or contact us at sales@eventpedia.com.


About Eventpedia

Eventpedia’s intuitive mobile app platform is designed to help associations increase member engagement through branded year-round member apps and event apps. To learn more, please visit www.eventpedia.com.


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