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Top 5 Reasons Why Event Managers Should Have a Mobile Event App

Here at Eventpedia, we believe you should go mobile because EVERYONE’S DOING IT! That aside, we’ve compiled our top five reasons why you should turn to a mobile event app for your next conference or event:

1. Go Green

In order to be environmentally friendly, going mobile can allow event organizers to cut down on the cost of paper. By uploading documents and turning the event in the mobile direction, it helps save the environment and lowers the overall cost of the event.

2. Attendee Interaction

One of the major goals at events is to connect, engage and interact with attendees. With a mobile event app, attendees can now do everything they need at their finger tips. From scheduling an appointment with an exhibitor to taking photos of their experiences, it is a new and refreshing way for attendees to interact.

3. Analytic's

If you provide the event app, the attendees will provide the data. Not only are overall analytic's and in app click tracking important but, by including surveys and real time polling, attendees can now provide you feedback on your event instantly.

4. Improve Event Organization and Flow

Have a last minute change to the agenda? A session location moved to a different room? With an event app this is no problem. Send instant push notifications to alert your attendees of the changes. By utilizing the back-end portal, changes and updates are easy and efficient.

5. Keep up with Trends

Mobile is the technology of the future. Eventually, all events will have event apps or even be virtual. Most companies have already started the transition. It is the prime time to take the plunge and allow your attendees to adapt to the new era of events. Keep up with the trends or get left behind.

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