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Tips for Boosting Your Event App Adoption Rate

Boost your event app adoption rate

With our increased reliance on mobile in everyday life, industries across the board are seeing mobile usage become a norm rather than a luxury. The event management industry is no stranger to this trend. Event app adoption rates have significantly increased over the past five years, and are only expected to rise as mobile continues to dominate. So exactly what is an adoption rate and how do you quantify it? Your adoption rate is one of the factors that measures the success of your event mobile app by determining the percentage of attendees who downloaded it. Now keep in mind there are many factors that prevent this statistic from being 100% accurate, which can include:

  • A lack of reliable internet connection to download the app.

  • Perhaps your event caters to an older demographic, who are less likely to own smart devices or download mobile apps.

  • The attendee forgot their app store password (we’ve all been there).

Despite these pesky outliers, the adoption rate is a great way to determine the true value of your event mobile app. Here are a few tips to increase your adoption rate and make the most out of your app:

Make it Accessible

The success of your mobile event app depends highly on how well you promote it and how accessible it is to attendees. Provide ways for attendees to download the app through multiple marketing channels, specifically prominent locations such as the event website and through social media. Sending an email blast is a guaranteed way to inform all attendees.

Eventpedia provides clients with links and QR codes for app downloads, along with a hands-on Marketing Kit which includes tips, templates, and download instructions.

Keep Content Updated

Make the event app a necessity for attendees by loading it with rich content. Limiting the content in printed materials encourages attendees to download. Constantly update any content changes so that attendees see the true benefit of downloading the app. Remember, the success of the app is heavily reliant on the effort put forth by its administrator.

Educate App Users

We can’t stress enough that not all users are equally tech-savvy. A mobile app should simplify the event processes rather than complicate them. Educate not just attendees, but also speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors who have a lot to gain from using the app. One way to educate users is by scheduling a webinar pre-event to show users how the app functions.

Eventpedia provides a Mobile Concierge service where app professionals attend your event to answer any questions users may have regarding the app, and of course to help promote it.

Promote, Promote, Promote

You should continuously give attendees reasons to use the app before, during, and even after the event. Promotion should start months in advance to give attendees time to download and understand it. Continuously remind attendees of the mobile app through event signage, announcements during the opening keynote or sessions, and even by encouraging exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors to help promote. Keep in touch post-event by interacting with attendees through push notifications. Mobile apps drive engagement and loyalty if you utilize them properly.

By following these tips, chances of improving your adoption rate are increased significantly. A higher adoption rate means more attendee engagement and satisfaction, therefore a more successful event!

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