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The Guide to Selecting a Mobile Event App Vendor

In an age where mobile devices are practically glued to our hands, the question of whether to use an event app or not has gone out the door. Instead, it’s time to ask yourself which mobile event app vendor is right for your organization. With a plethora of options out there, determining which app is the most sensible for you can be a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of questions you should consider before making your final selection!

First and foremost, ask yourself:

Does the app fit into my budget?

Can it be branded to my event or organization as a whole?

Does it operate both online and offline?

How easy is it to create and make changes to my app?

  • How much time and resources will I have to devote to the project?

  • Can I easily make last minute changes?

  • Will I have support from a project manager?

Who is my audience?

  • Will the design aesthetic appeal to my audience?

  • What devices are they using and is the app supported on those devices?

  • What features are most meaningful to my attendees?

What do I hope the users achieve by downloading the app?

  • Will attendees have all of the info they need within the app if I eliminate printed materials?

  • Will the app encourage attendee networking and social behavior?

  • Will the app give my sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers maximum exposure? Will they be able to communicate with attendees?

How will the app benefit users once the event is over?

  • Can the app be used pre- and post-event?

  • Will the app provide me with event analytics and data?

  • Can attendees share their feedback to better help me understand how to improve the app or event for next time?

Asking the right questions is important when searching for an app vendor. Weigh out all of your options and narrow your selection down to a company that has aligned your organization’s needs and wants with your budget.

Eventpedia has developed multiple solutions to satisfy the needs of most, if not all, organizations. Once you answer the questions above, take some time to review our Event App Matchmaker Guide to see which Eventpedia mobile solution is right for you.

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