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Marketing Your Event App on a Budget

When budgeting for an event or conference, which items take priority? The venue, event signage, maybe catering? Whatever your top-ranked items may be, marketing for your event app likely isn’t highly prioritized. By no means does this mean marketing your app should be overlooked! Without the proper promotion your attendees may not even know your event app exists, and on that note you can kiss your app ROI goodbye.

As a mobile event app vendor, our goal is to prevent that from happening. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some of our best strategies for marketing your event on a budget.

Turn your stakeholders into promoters

Take advantage of your most valuable resources – your speakers, exhibitors and even sponsors. Odds are these industry experts have built up credibility with your attendees. Prior to announcing the app, encourage speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to create their app profiles with their own personal flair. Inform them of cool features within the app that may benefit them, such as in-session polling, attendee appointment creation and sharing their presentations.

Once you’ve built those relationships and your stakeholders are personally invested in the app, they will likely be more than happy to advocate for it.

Get active in your online community

Online communities are a pre-conference hit for attendees. They are able to chat with their peers and engage with exhibitors before an event even takes place. Repeat after me – take advantage of this platform! Create your own forum about the event app complete with detailed download instructions, or actively respond to attendees whose questions or concerns can be solved within your mobile app. Example:

Attendee question: “My association is looking for a good restaurant to treat a few of our clients. Any suggestions?”

Your response: “Download the official mobile event app to find great dining options in the ‘General Info’ section. To download, search (insert app name) on the App Store or Google Play.”

Get everyone talking

News spreads like wildfire at events and conferences. Don’t ignore the most classic form of promotion while marketing on a budget; word of mouth. First and foremost, give the mobile app a shout out during the keynote speech. This is typically the first session of the conference, meaning attendees are alert and all ears.

Be sure your staff members are all familiar with the app and prepared to promote and answer questions. Better yet, make it mandatory for your staff to download the app! The more people on board, the more people there are to tell the person standing next to them to go mobile.

Put the marketing kit to action

Most event app vendors will provide you with a marketing kit to help kick off your app marketing campaign. Don’t ignore this resource! You can find all sorts of helpful information such as pre-, during, and post-event tips, email and social media templates, and download instructions to share with attendees.

If the resources are available to you, jump on them! A few helpful tips and templates can go a long way when marketing for your app.

Don’t let your limited budget hold you back from properly promoting your event app. Embrace these strategies, put them to action, and watch those app download numbers rise. Your attendees will be more engaged, and you will feel satisfied knowing a few effortless steps increased your ROI without dropping another single pretty penny!

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