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How to Gather Feedback at Events

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Attendee feedback is a vital part of the event implementation process. Many event professionals recall the days of spending hours on end sifting through a countless number of paper surveys to understand how attendees perceived their event. From there emerged spammy emails, in which event profs could only cross their fingers and hope attendees had the time and patience to participate (if they even saw the email at all). As event technology has emerged, mobile event apps have introduced a more efficient and savvy way for event professionals to gather feedback from attendees through the use of surveys and live polling. While surveys and polls can typically be used anywhere in the app, understanding where to put them depends on what you wish to accomplish with the feedback received.

Session Surveys

If the goal is to generate valuable feedback about a particular session or speaker, then creating a survey linked to a session will do just that. Session surveys are typically filled out within the last few minutes of or after a session occurs. The key is to get speakers on board to remind attendees that their feedback is appreciated! Session survey results can gauge whether a session topic was valuable enough to return next year, or can even be shared with the speaker to allow them to better understand how they can improve their session in the future.

Event Survey

There is no better method to understand how to improve your overall event for next year than with an in-app event survey. Event surveys tend to be longer than session surveys, as they cover nearly every aspect of the event as opposed to one session. Open-ended questions are appropriate at an event level to better gauge how attendees perceived the event as a whole. Event surveys tend to be taken post-event, so it is essential to reach out to attendees using push notifications or another method of communication to remind them that the survey is available and their feedback is appreciated!

Eventpedia Event Survey

Live Polling

The most interactive form of generating attendee feedback is through live polling. Driven by the speaker during sessions, live polls are useful to measure the interest of the current topic of conversation as well as to drive conversation around that topic. Live polls share feedback in real time, so anyone using the app can view results instantly. To successfully utilize live polling, adoption from the speakers is a must! If speakers integrate live polling into their sessions, live attendee feedback will keep the session feeling more engaging and interactive.

Best Practices for Generating Feedback

You have likely come to the conclusion that with mobile event apps you have a better chance to improve your event for next year, and more importantly on the spot. Attendees are typically less adamant about sharing their feedback post-event, so it’s important to remind them in the heat of the moment that their opinions are valued. Having a solid communication strategy is key! Communicate within the app to remind attendees to take surveys or polls, and always remember to get speakers on board. With that being said, what exactly makes a good and effective survey or poll?

  • Remember that the quality of the feedback is dependent on the quality of the content. Make the questions clear and concise, making it easier for attendees to interpret and respond.

  • Keep the questions short and sweet. Attendees will be turned off by a lengthy survey or poll and less likely to respond. Don’t take too much time out of their day, but definitely cover all aspects you wish to receive feedback on.

  • Be sure that all of the data you retrieve can be analyzed and troubleshot. There is no point in asking their opinion on the venue if you know you are contracted to use the same venue for the upcoming years. Be smart with your questions and utilize the data appropriately!

Interested in learning how Eventpedia surveys and polls function? Contact us and we'd be happy to show you how our clients are able to gather valuable feedback.