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11 Reasons Why You Need a Member App

1. Mobile Engagement

Mobile is where your customers spend most of their time. A study published by Computerware says that more than 80% of customers prefer mobile apps to traditional websites. So what does that mean? Mobile provides the power to reach a user anytime, anywhere. So why not deliver a strong and memorable experience for your members while also supporting your association business goals and building a lasting long term relationship?

2. It’s More Personal

It’s obvious that apps are more personal and utility-driven since we carry our mobile devices everywhere. Mobile devices have become the “remote control” for our lives. Our devices are extensions of ourselves, and people manage all the most personal aspects of their lives with them from communicating with friends and family to being their first stop for news, socializing, banking, and much more. So, get personal with your members.

3. Mobile Marketing is a Sales Channel

According to the Mobile Benchmark report from Urbanairship, App users who opt into notifications are four times more engaged than those who opt out. Those same users are retained at more than double the rate of opt-out users.

4. You Can’t Afford to Fall Behind on Mobile

The bottom line is that every member is rapidly becoming a mobile customer. Mobile is the front door, back door, and the side door to your association. It’s never too late to get started with your association app. With the increase of the internet resources available, make yourself the authority of data and tools. You need to be the first search in the digital world.

5. Marketing Has Changed and Your Members Are In Control

Members want effortless experiences at their fingertips, guiding them through the hurdles of daily life and solving their problems. For me, if I’m paying dues to an association, I expect direct access to everything that association has to offer. Be there when they need you.

6. Digitally Engaged

With an association app, your members will have all of your association’s information while on the go and when they need to engage digitally. At the same time, it gives members a platform to communicate with other like-minded industry experts that share the same interests.

7. Easy to Implement

An association app can integrate with any CRM, AMS, or 3rd party service. Pull and push data between the association app and your in-house or cloud-based system(s). A partner like Eventpedia can leverage their Memberpedia platform so they can easily create an association app. Why not have a partner that knows the ins and outs of the association space? And with their development team, they can easily work with your vendor’s integration through API’s.

8. Additional Revenue

Who doesn’t like a surprising source of additional revenue? An association app can generate revenue through advertising and sponsorship sales. Just like you want to be engaged with your members, sponsors want to be engaged with their prospective customers. This can be a two-fold benefit for you and your sponsors, which also reinforces the relationship that you have with your sponsors. It’s a win-win for everyone.

9. Grow your Membership and Credibility

Association apps will enhance your association’s brand with your members and help attract new members. Think about it. Members of all ages engage with your association. There are new school and old school mentalities to technology. Odds are that those individuals who don’t embrace technology will eventually come running when they learn that content is catered directly to them when they need it. So, embrace the mobile app experience. Become creditable with your technology initiative. This strategy helps retain current members and garners attention to attract new ones.

10. Easily Integrates with Your Event App

If you are reading this and you made it to the last talking point, you are an individual who cares about your members. More than likely, you have an annual event. Maybe you have a few events or maybe you have events year around. So, you’re probably asking yourself if I have an association app, do I need an event app too? In short, yes. Events apps allow you to get the most from your annual or frequent event. Together, (EVENT APPS) and association apps seamlessly connect you with your members and attendees. Bottom line, easily integrate event apps and association apps together from a single app. It’s a win-win for everyone.

11. At the End of The Day, You Need to Stand Out

To stand out now, brands must be remarkable. Think of your association brand as a concierge and assistant, anticipating what will delight and satisfy your customers and delivering information as well as entertainment. Get on board with an association app. In today’s world, associations specifically need an app to connect to their members. The right association app can mean the difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary.

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