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[Webinar] Strategies to Increase Your Event App Adoption Rate

Eventpedia Webinar

Have you spent countless hours creating an event app, only to have nobody download it? Perhaps you are decidedly lost and out of ideas? Wondering how other event apps can be successful? Let us help you! Join our 30 minutes webinar to discover strategies you can immediately incorporate into your upcoming events and boost your adoption rate.

You will learn how to:

  • Address the common reasons why some apps fail

  • Create an informative and engaging app experience

  • Effectively market your app

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Meet the Speakers:

Reid Warthen Eventpedia

Reid Warthen Business Development Manager Eventpedia

Reid helps organizations incorporate mobile technology to better create engaging and lasting event experiences and he speaks on such topics at industry events.

Eric Kingstad

Eric Kingstad CEO The Event Guys and Publisher of the EventTechGuide

Eric is a long time meetings industry veteran and entrepreneur that thrives on solving problems, and connecting event planners with technology.