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Customer Success Story- Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

This month, we are featuring our client, Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and their success story with the conference app named Agios Development Day.


Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a public American biopharmaceutical company focused on developing small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics targeting cancer cell metabolism via the growth factor pathway. Agios was seeking an event app to host its Agios Development Day, an all-day event focused on professional development for Agios employees, and allow the users to register for sessions, review speaker bios, sign up for live polling, and more.


Responsiveness: “In researching tools for our event managers, attendees and speakers to use during our company’s first onsite conference, we explored a plethora of options for putting together an event-specific app. Eventpedia came out on top by a landslide," said Nash Simpson, HR specialist at Agios Pharmaceuticals.

"The Eventpedia website, like many others in this market, advertises an option for a potential customer to request a demo. The team responded very quickly, and actively worked to set up a time the very next day to walk through the capabilities of their highly efficient tool. In addition to the speed at which the team responded, the thoroughness of that initial call was impressive. Reid Warthen, Business Development Manager at Eventpedia, had taken the time to truly understand our event prior to the call, and prepared well by demonstrating a sample app based on the needs that we were anticipating. Other companies would try to fit our event and associated needs within the limitations of their tools, while Eventpedia strove to fit their tool to our event," said Nash Simpson.

Customer-Focused Experience: "TJ Sun (President and CEO), Bryan Davis (VP of Operations), and the development team at Eventpedia formulated a product that addressed 100% of our needs, and at a price that worked well for both parties. In the weeks leading up to our conference, TJ’s team even worked tirelessly to add an additional capability which had not existed in previous iterations of the app – registration! They understood that this need was extremely important to us and went out of their way to make event registration work well. The final product was user-friendly, efficient, and aesthetically impressive," said Simpson.

Clear Communication: "Eventpedia made it clear throughout the process that they were committed to creating a dependable app that would work fast, appeal to a wide range of users, and ultimately serve as the focal point for the day’s operations and logistics," said Simpson.


Agios App Results

A special thanks goes to Nash Simpson, HR Specialist at Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. for sharing Agios' fantastic mobile event app experience.

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