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The "Newbees" Take On ASAE Annual: Our First Experience as First-Time Exhibitors

As ASAE Annual Meeting first-timers, “newbees”, etc. we were nothing short of impressed by our experience in good ole’ downtown Detroit. Our staff didn’t get the pleasure of attending the Opening Keynote or educational sessions, but we were surely keeping up with all of the buzz through social media. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t envious of those attending Joshua Linkner’s Opening Keynote - we heard it was inspiring and just overall exceptional! Now, let me share my personal experience at ASAE Annual as a first-time exhibitor.

Can we talk about the ground transportation for a moment? From the minute I stepped off the plane I was guided through the airport, to my shuttle, and to the hotel. It didn’t stop there. The many times I thought I was lost in the massive Cobo Center, there was someone standing there reading my mind who was ready to guide me in the correct direction. It’s easy to get lost in an unfamiliar city. Detriot didn’t let that happen.

Exhibition hours were just as seamless. Setup was easy, ASAE staff was prepared to answer any questions, and the Business Connection Lounge was nothing short of helpful. Attendees were grateful to have the opportunity to meet in a quiet space for personal demos or conversations. Talk about instantly following up on a lead! If you happened to miss us at our booth, you can download our official mobile event app overview to learn more.

Last but not least, let’s relive the memories from the epic events put on by ASAE. How great was the Henry Ford Museum? From the eclectic displays to the killer bands, I don’t think the conference could have kicked off any better. Now forgive me as I was a “newbee”, but the Eventpedia team flew out prior to the epic performance by Lionel Richie at The Classic. We are still suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out) but whole heartedly plan to stick around for all of the fun at next year’s ASAE Annual Meeting. See you all in Salt Lake City!

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