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Member Engagement Apps are Crucial to Your Member Retention Rates

Over the past several years, our connection to smartphones during our day-to-day routines has increased exponentially. No matter the demographic that you’re dealing with, the majority of people communicate via smartphones today. The time people spend on mobile apps, as opposed to surfing the internet, is a newer trend that we will continually watch grow.

The association industry in particular has been slow to react to any changes regarding technological advancements. Many organizations worry that their older members won’t adapt well to this drastic shift, but mobile apps are the key to your success.

What is a member engagement app?

Member engagement apps serve as a mobile hub for all your association’s digital needs and enhances the form of communication in which you interact with your members, and how they engage with one another. These apps can provide your members with access to the following:

  • Online communities

  • Annual event information

  • Publications, newsletters, and webinars

  • Social media profiles

  • Custom alerts and push notifications

  • Member directory and inbox

  • Integration to your AMS, LMS, and other third-party systems

  • And much more!

Is a member engagement app right for my organization?

Member engagement apps are the future for every type of company. Associations and member-based organizations everywhere are beginning to adopt these mobile apps into their organizations to replace activities that may normally take place on your website or via print material. Here are a few benefits of having a member engagement app:

  • Send reminders about renewals to your members so they don’t forget to make payments.

  • Collect information about your member’s interests via analytics to tailor the marketing and email content you send to them.

  • Save costs on paper printouts by hosting all company resources in the app.

  • Give your sponsors more exposure through rotating banner ads and other sponsorship opportunities (They can even help pay for your app if you offer them enough exposure through push notification, ads, etc).

My website is responsive, why do I need a mobile app?

Having a responsive website these days is expected. Creating a more interactive environment with your member engagement app is going the extra mile to enhance how your organization stays in the forefront of your member’s minds daily! Here are some of the interactive features you should be sure to include in your app to ensure your members get involved:

  • Chat messaging

  • In-app social media

  • Leader boards

  • Member Directory

  • Business Matchmaking

  • Industry related news feeds

How will this help my member retention rates?

By continuously engaging your members, they’ll feel like they’re getting their money’s worth and will feel like an active part of your association. Another area of concern that a lot of member-based organizations have been running into is appealing to the younger generation. As your membership begins to decrease in age, the more you’ll wish you had this piece of cutting edge technology to engage with your newer members.

Where do we find a product like this?

At Eventpedia we’ve worked with association and member-based clients since 2011. We’re very cognizant of the challenges that they face when dealing with keeping the interest of your members and finding new ways to engage with them, so we decided to develop our own member engagement app, Memberpedia!

Your app shouldn’t be limited to what most mobile app packages have to offer. Here at Eventpedia we pride ourselves on our feature building service. If your organization has an idea for a new functionality within your member app, our dedicated development and implementation teams will work with you to make it a reality.

Memerpedia seamlessly connects with our other mobile app product, Eventpedia. Eventpedia is a fully-functioning mobile event app where you can display one or multiple events a year with their schedule, speaker and exhibitor information/handouts, maps, surveys and polls, gamification features, and much more!

Another great feature that we have to offer is Memberpedia’s exclusive integration with Higher Logic’s online community platform. Allow your members to post in their active communities, view other members for networking purposes, and access all the uploaded resources.

What makes Memberpedia different than other member engagement apps?

Not one association has the same needs as the next. When searching for a member engagement app, you want to ensure that your vendor understands the need for flexibility and customization. Here are some reasons why you should choose Eventpedia as your mobile app provider:

  • It is budget friendly.

  • Our highly configurable back-end allows you to have complete control with customizing the layout and design of your mobile app to match your brand and digital needs.

  • There are dedicated account managers who work around the clock to make sure your technology is meeting your expectations and requirements.

  • Rich content delivery.

If you want to learn more about the features we have to offer, head to and request a free demo to speak with one of our team members about your specific requirements.

7927 Jones Branch Dr Suite 3125, McLean, VA 22102, USA




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