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Go Mobile with Your Online Communities

Memberpedia's Higher Logic Integration

Some associations struggle to consistently interact with their members. Online communities have become an increasingly popular resource among organizations in order to bridge the communication gap between their members and one another.

What is an online community?

An online community is a virtual space that allows groups of people with similar interests to collaborate, communicate, and ask questions with each other. There any many ways for your members to interact, but the features primarily used are being able to post and respond to posts, uploading resources, and viewing a list of community members.

How do you build a successful online community?

Simply creating an online community is not enough to ensure active use and interaction with your organization's members. You need to be strategic in the ways that you engage with your members in different parts of your online community.

  • Providing multiple groups allows members to easily find their niche and get the help they need. Just one broad topic or group might deter members from wanting to use the community if they’re seeing content that is not relevant them. They also might not want to ask as many questions because they assume it won’t be answered properly or promptly.

  • Encourage members to share unique content and creative ideas by posting questions, prompts, and ideas from time to time. This can help you gather feedback on pain points that they’re having or spark new discussions.

  • Keep your resources up-to-date to make sure you members will readily access the tools they need and self-sufficient to finding answers to the questions they have.

  • Allow your members to access their online community via smartphone by having a mobile app version of your communities. Not having to log into a desktop every time you want to post or respond to someone else is extremely beneficial. This also guarantees that you can contact your members at any time of the day.

What are the benefits of going mobile?

Members expect immediate information on their mobile devices today more than ever. With a mobile app for your online community, your members will have 24/7 access to each other and their discussions. In addition to increased connectivity, going mobile adds value to the information you are providing to your members. Having resources easily accessible to your members give them the necessary information whenever they may need it.

Eventpedia and Higher Logic

Eventpedia provides a simple solution for Higher Logic online community customers. The member engagement app, Memberpedia, creates a sleek mobile environment for members to interact via discussion, access community resources, and view member directories. Not only does this app integrate with Higher Logic online communities, you can include more features to increase member engagement such as in-app events and photo feed, push notifications, news feeds, webinars, gamification, etc. Head to our website to learn more about Memberpedia and how it can elevate the online community experience for your members! You can also request a free demo to see Higher Logic’s online community feature in-action.