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Celebrating Women in Technology

Eventpedia celebrates women in technology

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we must reflect on the accomplishments of women and commemorate the path they paved for future generations. The Eventpedia team supports and encourages women year-round, but today we are especially appreciative of women in technology.

Although the women’s rights movement largely took place through the 1920’s, women continue to face discrimination, such as unequal pay and gender bias, in the workplace especially in the technology industry. There have been any efforts made to encourage women to enter the industry yet are not supported once they are in. Due to the lack of support, it has been reported that about 56% of women that enter the technology industry leave. There is more than enough evidence of the extraordinary value that the inclusion of women brings to the technology industry, including diverse-thought leadership, sector expertise, and increased revenue.

On behalf of the technology industry, the Eventpedia team would like to extend their support and gratitude to the contributions of the many strong women in the industry. The industry is more advanced today than it has ever been. We would like to highlight just a few of the women trailblazers and leaders in the technology sector:

Hedy Lamarr - Inventor, Innovator

A name not many people may recognize, Hedy Lamarr has had a substantial impact on today’s modern technology. In 1940, she helped create a new wireless communication system that guided torpedoes during World War II. It later served as the basis for Wifi and GPS. As a women in the 1940’s, she fought stereotypes and invented technology that we couldn't live without today.

Katharine Graham - CEO and Trailblazer

In the 1970’s, Katharine Graham became the publisher of the Washington Post and the first ever female CEO of a Fortune 500. Not only did she hold these positions, she had a large impact on the U.S. government by publishing the Pentagon Papers. This was a bold move as the first woman publisher at the Washington Post, but she was fearless and did what she knew was right.

Amy Hood - A technology Top Executive

Amy Hood is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft. Microsoft is the thought-leader in the technology sector, owing its success in part to Hood. Some of the company's major projects that she impacted include Microsoft Office 365, Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM.

We are proud to acknowledge these accomplished and determined women in hope to inspire and encourage future generations of powerful women to continue the fight of improvement in the technology industry.