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Features That Will Increase Mobile App Download Rates at Your Event

As mobile event applications are becoming a more prominent way of getting information out to attendees at your events, you have to incorporate unique and innovative features into your apps to ensure that your attendees are downloading it and continuously participate with other attendees. We have created a list of interactive features that will not only help get information out to attendees, but engage them as well.

If event goers are able to actively participate during sessions, they are more likely to enjoy in the event and be more engaged during the sessions. Some of features that Eventpedia offers to help increase download rates at your next event include Event Feed, Leaderboard, Chat Messaging, Matchmaking, Surveys, Polls, & Quizzes, and Q&A’s. Learn more about what makes the features unique below!

Event Feed

With the event feed feature, attendees are able to connect with each other by creating posts, liking posts, and comment on posts. This helps them interact throughout the event and learn through discussion with each other. Additionally, Eventpedia’s event feed is unique in that users are able to upload images and graphics with their posts! Admin have the ability to pin a banner or post to the top of the feed to increase exposure for specific sponsors or display a general announcement. Points are awarded to attendees and linked to the Leaderboard when they utilize this feature.


The leaderboard feature in the Eventpedia app is a way for attendees to compete with each other by interacting and earning points. When you post, comment, or like a post on the event feed, you will earn points and move up on the leaderboard. This also creates an incentive for users to participate if you create awards and prizes for the top leaderboard participants.

Chat Messaging

Chat Messaging allows attendees to privately message other attendees and start conversations about the event from within the app. It's a simple feature that makes it easy to have discussions and share their thoughts about what’s going on at the conference.


Attendees can use this module to answer a series of quick questions with and match with exhibitors, sessions, and other event goers based on their interests. Not only is this a helpful resource, but it greatly increases networking opportunities and encourages them to go to sessions/exhibitor booths that they may not have been aware of otherwise!

Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes

Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes are all a great way to receive feedback about the event, and also a great way to make the attendee feel like their opinions are being heard by your organization. Users can fill out surveys as an evaluation of the event or to share their personal opinions. The quizzes can be made to receive feedback and learn about the attendee’s thoughts and opinions. Attendees can also take polls to visualize how their responses compare to other attendees with the charts displayed once their answer is submitted.


The Q&A feature is a good resource for attendees to use during sessions. Attendees usually have questions for the speaker, but they are not able to effectively ask what they want with so many other people in the room or they’re seated too far away from the presenter. This feature is unique in that you can customize your question to be anonymous or private and submit as many as you would like. You are also able to like other people’s questions that you would like to hear an answer to. The questions with the most likes will move to the top and are more likely to be seen by the presenter. This feature is a great way to get the audience involved and helps the speaker direct the discussion to what the attendees want to hear.

So, with features like these, attendees will have no choice but to download your event due to the many opportunities it opens up for them! To learn more, or try out any of these features, head to the Eventpedia website and request a free demo!

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